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From the aspirations and dreams of others, we stand tall, proud, and loyal to our visions and project. We strive to provide the best and most immersive Role-Play experience available in the FiveM community.

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Centuries Gaming is an online gaming community. Since it's start in 2012, CG has been involved in the global gaming community on multiple platforms. Our goal has always been to provide cutting edge gaming services to the platforms we support. We strive to provide something different from our competitors by offering unique and custom created content by our development teams.


There are many different departments that provide their emergency services and expertise to the citizens of our great state of San Andreas. Whether it be law enforcement, fire or EMS services, there are many careers available to suit anyone interested in emergency response.

Los Santos Police Department


The Los Santos Police Department is the primary police agency of the City of Los Santos, San Andreas, and the largest municipal police force in the state. The agency has primary responsibilities in law enforcement and investigation within Los Santos County. LSPD and LSSD has recently consolidated which then turned the department into one. LSPD neighboring agencies is now San Andreas State Police and Blaine County Sheriff's Office.

San Andreas State Police


The San Andreas State Police, est. 1929 is the primary law enforcement agency responsible for all public roadways, state land, and executive protection. Our mission is to protect human life and property by enforcing state laws, deterring criminal activity, and providing vital support to the State of San Andreas and its citizens by being the national model in delivering customer-oriented state-level law enforcement services.

Blaine County Sheriff's Office


It is the Blaine County Sheriff's Office mission to safeguard the lives and property of the people we serve, to reduce the incidence and fear of crime and to enhance public safety while working with diverse communities to improve their quality of life. our mandate is to do so with honor and integrity, while at all times conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards to maintain public confidence.

Grapeseed Township Police Department


The Township of Grapeseed Police Department was established in 1857 to assist the newly founded Blaine County Sheriff's Office, as their deputy sheriff's were spread too far and few between. We are a very patriotic department, serving the Township of Grapeseed, and offering assistance to the rural residents of Grapeseed.

Los Santos Fire Department


Los Santos Fire Department is dedicated to protecting life, property, and the environment by providing emergency response, regulatory compliance and community education. We do this through involvement of volunteers, employees, and the community.

Blaine County Fire Rescue


The Blane County Fire Rescue aims to protect people, property, and the environment by providing proactive responses, essential to public health, safety and well-being. We hold full-time firefighters / paramedics and officers. These firefighters battle fires and respond to other emergencies, such as medical calls.

Grapeseed Volunteer Fire Company


Grapeseed Volunteer Fire Company provides fire protection and EMS services to the small rural town of Grapeseed. The fire company is run entirely by community volunteers who will drop everything at a moments notice to help someone in need.

Senora Ambulance Services


Senora Ambulance Services is a privately owned emergency ambulance service based out of the Grapeseed township area. Senora Ambulance provides advanced emergency medical services to the residents of Blaine County. SAS strives to offer competitive pay and adjustable work schedules to suit any employees needs.