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  1. Dear Community, Our Arma 2 Island Life services will be shutting down indefinitely. Regards, Firav
  2. Hello all, At this current moment in time, the CityRP project will be discontinued. This does not mean the project canceled. It is moreover postponed until a later date. We just do not have the resources to run and develop it at this time. The development team will be focusing its efforts on other servers/projects within Centuries Gaming, such as our DarkRP server. Staff members of the CityRP server have the option to be reassigned to another staff team. Regards, Firav
  3. Hello community. Welcome our first CityRP Trail Moderator @Monte! Congratulations!
  4. Centuries Gaming DarkRP Rules Rules are subject to constant change. It is solely your responsibility to keep yourself updated. Ignorance is no excuse. All players are treated equal whether you have read this page or not. If you are unsure about a rule, please contact a staff member. 1. General Rules 1.1 Racism, Sexism and Homophobia and any other behavior alike is not tolerable under any circumstances. 1.2 Prop Spamming/Killing/Trapping/Mining/or other fuckery will result in punishment. No exceptions. 1.3 Using any tool for unrealistic purposes such as but not limited to: Coloring yourself invisible, allowing yourself to see when someone raids you, ect. is not allowed. If found using auto-printer collectors or similar misuse of tools, your money will be reset and you will receive a punishment based on a staff member's discretion. 1.4 Never randomly demote anyone. Demote reasons must not include things such as "RDM", "NLR", etc. 1.5 Using one-way props are not allowed. This means props which you can see through on one side, but another player can't see through on other side. With the exception of you may put one way props against pre-existing map windows. 1.6 Don't use OOC for RP reasons. Calling your friends in OOC to your location, letting people know about a raid, etc... is not allowed. Use proper in-character channels such as: /advert /pm /groupchat /911. 1.7 Changing your job or committing suicide to avoid RP is not allowed. For example, If you're being chased by a cop and are almost arrested and you proceed to kill yourself, you will be punished. 1.8 Supporters may not give or sell any items they have obtained from their ranks. 1.9 KoS signs or anything similar to it are not allowed. - You must warn players to leave. 1.10 No advertising other servers. That's just low. 1.11 Building signs DO NOT grant you immunity to being raided. You must ALWAYS have one entrance. - Raiders must not mug/kill you while you are building however. You may not build whilst owning RP entities. 1.12 Mugging must be done through chat. You may still use your microphone after you've notified them via text chat. 1.13 To raid/mug, you must use an appropriate job. 1.13.1 Quick Summary: Only Gangsters, Mob Boss and Hobos can mug. Max mug amount is 500$. The max amount a hobo can be mugged for is 100$. Player must be given 10 seconds to respond. Muggings have a 5 minute cooldown time. Raids may only be performed by criminal jobs. (Includes Vector, etc.) Raids have a 15 minute cooldown time. You may NOT kill any unarmed players in a raid. Although, if you demand them to leave, if they do not obey within 10 seconds, you may kill them. 1.14 DDoS threats are punishable. Don't be stupid. 1.15 Purges (or any other state of lawlessness ) are not permitted. 1.16 No voice changers for the sake of everyone's ears. 1.17 If someone is following/stalking you, you can kill the person AFTER you give them 3 typed warnings. 1.18 Above all, for the love of potato, use common sense. 2. Drug Rules 2.1 Drugs can only be done in a base and must have raid entrance. 2.2 Drugs are always illegal. You can become wanted by police at any time. 3. Random Death Match(RDM) & Metagaming 3.1 RDM - Never kill anyone without a valid RP reason. 3.1.1 If someone wanted you, you may not go on a cop killing spree. They must actually be actively hunting you or shooting at you before taking action. 3.2 Metagaming - Your character may not use any information gathered outside of RP. 3.3 Baiting in any forms is strictly prohibited. 4. Kidnapping Rules 4.1 Only criminal classes may kidnap. (Thief, Gangster, Mastermind, Vector, etc.) 4.2 You must clearly declare that you are kidnapping someone by posting a message in text chat. 4.3 You can only hold a kidnapped person for a maximum of 15 minutes. 4.4 When you are being kidnapped, it is considered FailRP to run away. If the person being kidnapped has a weapon, they can defend themselves. 5. Car Rules 5.1 Don't be an idiot. We understand that some vehicles don't have the best handling, but drive with some common-sense. We will remove your car and make you re-buy it if you keep driving like an idiot. 5.2 You may add things to your vehicle that are realistic. (Siren, Tow hook, etc.) 5.3 Do not materialize your vehicle in an unrealistic way. Your tool gun is a privilege. 5.4 Government jobs are the only ones to use their designated lightbars. We know which light bars are accessible by which jobs. Don't be an idiot. 5.5 Drive on the right side of the road. This is an american based server. 6. Emergency Vehicle Rules 6.1 Only use your sirens if you are chasing someone or responding to an emergency. 7. Mining Rules 7.1 Mining is always legal. 7.2 Stealing of others mines/ores is strictly prohibited. 7.3 Mining equipment can be destroyed if its in a person's base you are raiding. 7.4 You must take your ores to a base/store/home to process. Building in the ore mines is strictly prohibited. (With exception of the Mine Entrance) 8. Base Rules 8.1 You must not force players to jump and/or crouch to enter your base. 8.2 You must only have 3 fading doors with keypads to get in/get out. Meaning people only have to crack 3 keypads to gain FULL entry to your base. 8.3 Fading doors must remain open for at least 5 seconds after triggered to be open. 8.4 Keypads must be visible and relatively close to what they open/trigger. Fake keypads and buttons are strictly prohibited. 8.5 Between fading doors, there must be enough space for at least 2 players to enter. 8.6 Fences may not be colored or materialized. They're also not allowed to be used as shooting windows and/or fading doors. 8.7 Building in public is permitted, but must not block any pathways or public areas such as the mining area or drug selling NPC’s. 8.8 Fading doors and props must be clear of any doorway, allowing the door to open freely from either direction. 8.9 Bases may extend into multiple buildings but may not have a monopoly on a specific area. 8.10 Bases must have at least one valid entrance. 9. Door Rules 9.1 The person who owns front door(s), owns the building. 9.2 Police may not own doors. 10. Shooting Window Rules 10.1 Shooting windows must be at least 50% visible. 10.2 Shooting windows must be at least the size of what compares to: models/hunter/plates/plate05x2.mdl 10.3 The actual shooting window MUST be placed 4 phx spaces above ground. Food/Head shooting windows are strictly prohibited. 11. Government Classes 11.1 In the PD, the Mayor has final say on building defenses. If they waive this right, then it is passed on to the Police Chief. 12. Police Specific Rules 12.1 Police must only want/warrant an individual if they have probable cause. 12.2 Police must grant individuals clear warnings in chat during lockdowns. 12.3 Police may only build checkpoints if authorized by the Mayor. If there is no Mayor in office or the Mayor yields his right then this falls to the Chief of Police. 12.4 Police may only raid with a warrant unless you meet one of the following exceptions: consent for search, exigent circumstances (a pressing need without delay), contraband in plain view, safety checks /welfare check. 12.5 Police cannot raid with criminals.